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Framework Support and Maintenance


Complete Website Framework Support

Be Visible professional web designers in Nelspruit offers the following :

The Internet... well what can I say? It constantly evolves like a living organism and developers around the world are all part and parcel of what makes up the body of this organism called the internet. Due to the rapid rate at which the internet is constantly evolving. Be Visible makes sure your web presence stays current and working through out this evolvement on a daily basis.

Websites are built in a host of frameworks and each framework is unique in its own distinctive way, but each unique framework has its own unique maintenance  you need to work around and entertain from time to time. Below are some of the frameworks out there that we work with and maintain websites for our clients.


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psd-to-magento-logoBig word press

These frameworks are constantly being updated by their developers to enhance features and to prevent exploits. We make sure that your site is always updated to the latest version compatible with the framework your site was initally built in.

Frameworks make use of modules to enhance certain features such as Weather display, Facebook plugins, Twitter feeds, Geo tracking, Rotating Galleries, Blogs, Guestbooks and many more. These modules are developed by independent developers and made available either as free or paid for modules. These modules need to be updated and maintained separately by Be Visible as the developers make new versions available or release patches for them. Modules that are not kept up to date will tend to start producing error like behaviour and browser compatibility issues will arise.

Browser compatibility.

The browser developers are constantly busy upgrading and enhancing their browsers and over a period of a year quite a few browser updates become available that need to be applied on the client side. In rare cases one will find that browser compatibility with website CSS will sometime give a few hiccups after new patches became available. Our developers need to tweak the style sheets and the custom code in the website a bit to ensure that the browsers can keep interpreting the pages correctly. 

A few examples of these issues can relate to Captcha codes not displaying on entry forms, Flash elements don't load anymore, Java based scripts start pouring out errors & the most common one is the website just looks like not everything is there and people might mistake this for slow loading times or connectivity problems.

Conclusion: Looking after a clients website is a lot more than just hosting it and making content changes. Its a full time complexed process if you want to ensure your clients enjoy the best possible exposure on the web. Below are some of the most popular browsers on the market with links to their latest updates.

2067101firefox-512-noshadowgoogle-chrome-logosafari logoseamonkey-browser-logo